Gstreamer Streaming Audio System Controller

A bash-script-based streaming audio system controller for gstreamer
Licensed under GPLv3 for personal use. Others please contact me at:

General Overview:
The Gsreamer Streaming Audio System Controller (GSASysCon) is a multi-user
command-line utility for streaming digital audio using gstreamer. The text-based
control interface can be run simultaneously through a number of local or remote
terminals (e.g. via ssh) to control streaming from a 'server' computer to any
number of client computers, organized into systems. GSASysCon runs under linux
on both the server and client side, and makes use of the ALSA audio subsystem as
well as ALSA's Loopback functionality (snd_aloop).

GSASysCon can stream stereo, mono, or left/right 16 and 24 bit PCM audio at any
sample rate. Any number of systems can be supported. GSASysCon has been designed
to be able to launch other linux programs contained in script files. This makes
it well suited for integration with software DSP crossover programs like
ecasound, which together comprise a wireless active loudspeaker system. By
specifying multiple configurations for a system it is possible to make A/B/X
comparisons. Launching of any system or configuration can be automated outside
the command interface, so that the program can function as a back end for other
interfaces or code.

Bit perfect playback is not possible except in the audio format used for
streaming. The input audio format to GSASysCon must be fixed and the fixed format
defined in the system_configuration file. A player that resamples its audio
output is helpful in this regard.

     OS: some flavor of Linux on both server and clients
     BASH shell (included with most Linux distros)
     Audio subsystem: ALSA
     ALSA Loopback (snd_aloop) enabled
     gstreamer 1.x installed on server and client(s)
     music player software, e.g. MPD on server
     SSH: sshpass or ssh with shared public key
     A "Server" computer with a static IP address
     One or more "Client" computers with static IP addresses
     A Local Area Network (wired or wireless)

Getting started:
Several guides and examples have been provided to help you get set up and
running. These include:

SetUpGuide.txt - explains how to set up the configuration file for a system

UsageTips.txt - provides info and tips on how to make GSASysCon work well

Examples Directory - provides some examples of configuration files

HELP - an overview of the syntax of GSASysCon and its different modes of
operations can be obtained by typing:
GSASysCon -h
    - or -
GSASysCon --help
at the command prompt, or read the file help.txt.


NOTE: After downloading and extracting the files, please:
READ the README.txt, SetUpGuide.txt, and UsageTips.txt files.

 5 AUGUST 2016 - Version 1.0 released.
13 AUGUST 2016 - v1.01 help page now displays when called from command line.