LADSPA plugins


After downloading and extracting the files, please
see the READ the README file and USAGE NOTES

LADSPA-FIR: implement FIR filters under LADSPA. Powered by FFTW
ACDf: now in version 3, ACDf is a versatile set of fourteen first and second order IIR filters and EQ. Used for implementing loudspeaker crossovers in software.
OnOffDelay: toggle on/off GPIOs when the audio signal exceeds a threshold level and fade audio in when turning on. Lets you control external equipment like LEDs, turn power supplies on and off, speaker relays, soft-start, etc.
Licensed under GPLv3 for personal use. Others please contact me at:

11 JULY 2015 1.01: updated LADSPA IDs, removed extraneous output lines
20 JULY 2015 1.02: fixed minor errors, removed march=native compiler flag, updated documantation
23 JULY 2015 1.03: updated NAME and LABEL fields for both plugins to improve compatibility with existing standards.
6 APRIL 2016: ACDf v1.04 fixes analyseplugin error message regarding run_adding. Added new plugin OnOffDelay ver1.0 and renamed zip file containing all plugins.
11 June 2016: ACDf v2.0 released. Filter performance improved using a new formulation for the filters.
11 June 2016: Document "Implementing Crossovers Using Ecasound and LADSPA" published.
26 March 2020: Released ACDf version 3 and LADSPA-FIR

Usage notes that describe how to use these plugins in combination with ecasound to implement loudspeaker crossovers in software is included in the download, and is also available here:
LADSPA is an acronym for Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API. It is an application programming interface (API) standard for handling audio filters and audio signal processing effects, licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). It was originally designed for Linux through consensus on the Linux Audio Developers Mailing List, but works on a variety of other platforms.

LADSPA PLUGINS are implemented through a LADSPA HOST, many of
which are free audio software projects.
A list of some of these progams can be found here:

I strongly recommend reading this excellent web page that reviews
how to use LADSPA plugins to implement a loudspeaker crossover
in software using ecasound as the LADSPA HOST, see: