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Copyright Notice

This UniBox version and all its former released versions including but not limited to all graphs, layout, formulas and calculation routines, are the intellectual property of Kristian Ougaard, and are (C) Copyright 2000 - 2008.

You may not copy, change or modify the spreadsheet layout, formulas or calculation routines in any way.

You may download this file and use UniBox freely for design of your personal loudspeakers as long as it is for non-commercial purposes only.

I will not be held responsible for any bad sounding loudspeakers or any problems of any kind this file may cause you.

Download UniBox 4.08 for Excel 2000
Latest version of UniBox. It will import Design Data Base files version 1.0 and 2.0 and it will export Design Data Base file as version 2.0 only.

Download Design Data Base for UniBox

Download Design Data Base with over 400 drive units. The TS parameters are extracted from brochures or found on the Internet.
Note, to lookup the TS parameters of your favorite unit is good. To measure the parameters yourself is even better.

Mixed data base with Audax, Focal, Monacor, Scan Speak, Vifa and Seas units
Peerless data base

Design Data Base Compiled by Bruce Slevinsky for UniBox

Bruce Slevinsky has compiled a design data base containing 628 drivers. As it has been impossible for Bruce to get the full set of TS parameters for all units he has calculated the missing parameters needed for UniBox using a technique described in his memorandum and corresponding Excel sheet.
The design data base contains drive units from Altec, Audax, Audio Concepts, Bag End, BBC, Blaupunkt, Boston Acoustics, Celestion, Dayton, Dynaudio, Electro-Voice, Eminence, Fane, Focal, Gauss, JBL, JL Audio, Klipsch, McCauley, MCM, MG Electronics, Morel, Parts Express, Peavey, Peerless, Performance Plus, Phoenix Gold, Pioneer, Pyle, Pyramid, Reflex, Rockford-Fosgate, Scan-Speak, SoundStream, Stillwater Designs, Tekton, Thruster, Ultimate, Vieta and Vifa.
The Bruce Slevinsky data base

Thiele Small Parameters of your favorite loudspeaker unit

Jan Fredriksson of the Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database Web site maintains one of the largest databases for Thiele-Small parameters of your favorite loudspeaker units. Furthermore, a host of other useful design parameters are listed. You can also submit new or your own TS data to help make the database even better.
The site also contains Thiele-Small parameters in the UniBox Design Database format for direct download and import into UniBox.

Go get your TS parameters and download Design Database file for UniBox

Operation with other versions of Excel

Excel 97
Many Excel 97 users reports that UniBox 3.00 for Excel 2000 works without any problems at all. Some have problems with a few features but usually this is cured when all Microsoft service releases are installed.
Users of the French version of Excel 97 have problems when opening UniBox, but Antoine Bonin found an easy work around. Go to the Windows regional parameter setting and select English instead of French. This has been verified by Christopher Pace with a good result too.

Compatibility with OpenOffice on MS Windows and Linux

Justin Seiferth reports that he has UniBox running in OpenOffice 2.3 on MS Windows and Linux with excellent results. Please remember to go to Tools | Options | Security | Macro Security and set the level to Medium to ensure all the macros are allowed to run.

Version History

Version and Description
1.00 First release in Excel 7 format.
Closed Box and Vented Box design.
1.20 Passive Radiator Box design added.
1.21 Minor changes in help texts and graphs resized.
2.21 First release of Excel 2000 version with enhancements related to better Excel performance.
2.22 Improved prediction of suggested port minimum diameter to avoid port noises.
2.23 Text and graphs scaled to fit standard Windows setup with small font size.
Use the Excel Zoom feature to optimize the graph size to your setup.
2.30 Speaker impedance graphs for Closed, Vented and Passive Radiator boxes now available including effect of equivalent voice coil inductance.
Calculation of Acceleration Factor added.
2.31 Sensitivity loss due to series resistance added.
Help for calculation with two drivers in the same box.
Bug fix for series resistance to affect driver electrical Q only.
2.32 Design Data Base facility added which handles up to 1000 user designs.
Easy control with Open, Save and Delete buttons.
Some small features added.
2.33 Calculation of Step Response for all three box models.
Comparison of Closed, Vented and Passive Radiator Box alignments added.
Minor improvements.
3.00 Calculation of Bandpass Single Tuned boxes added.
Design Data Base additions: export, import, sort and size increased to 2000 entries.
Generation of frequency response data file, FRD, and impedance data file, ZDA.
Drive unit configuration for 1, 2, 3 or 4 units in parallel, series and compound setup.
Possibility to set the number of passive radiators.
Standard model for closed boxes changed to include fixed leakage loss, Ql.
Calculation of SPL at 2.83 Vrms 1m added.
Down fire application figure added.
Help page added with box volumes in cubic feet and port sizes in inches.
Minor improvements.
3.01 Improved Design Data Base import function with check for already existing entry.
Enhanced port self resonance model for BPST box.
Improved user interface.
Drive unit efficiency calculations added.
Export of all graphs using GIF image file format.
Minor improvements.
Design Data Base format has not been changed.
4.00 Improved model of voice coil, Le + Le2//Re2, for better simulation of Eddy currents in the pole piece. The effect of this inductance model is now included in all graphs.
Passive low pass crossover of up to 4. order added.
Port self resonance model added to the vented box design.
Driver piston range calculated and shown in mini-graphs.
Increased Design Data Base import/export speed.
Imports Design Data Base file ver. 1.0 and 2.0.
Exports Design Data Base file ver. 2.0
Bug fix for Bandpass Single Tuned Box Step Response.
Minor improvements.
4.01 A memory manager has been added, where up to 6 frequency response graphs can be compared.
Calculation of the required power amplifier RMS voltage needed to produce the wanted nominal power.
Minor improvements.
4.02 A check box has been added for easy selection of whether the voice coil inductance model is to be included in the frequency response graphs.
A check box has been added for easy selection of whether the crossover circuit is to be included in the frequency response graphs.
Calculation of the drive unit effective Qts now also includes the loss resistance of the crossover coils
4.03 Calculation of the closed box apparent Qtc is back as requested by many users.
The effect of Rco1 and Rco2 now included in efficiency and effective Qts calculations.
Minor enhancements and adjustments.
Further improved online help windows.
4.04 It is now possible also to export a single Data Base entry for a friend.
Corrected a bug in the impedance graph calculation of the high frequency inductance part when using multiple drive units.
Further improved online help windows.
4.05 FRD file import feature added. You can now import an active filter correction function and see the resulting frequency response, cone excursion, port air speed and much more.
A typical design approach would be to simulate your box in UniBox and export the frequency response as a FRD file. Import this into the Linkwitz Transform program found on the FRD Consortium Web and simulate your active correction filter. Export this correction as a FRD file and use the new import feature of UniBox to see the final results.
Graphs have been added to show the necessary power amplifier peak voltage and peak current for all box alignments.
4.06 FRD file import feature improved. Now also extrapolates any high frequency curve if needed. The imported file is normalized to 0 dB at its maximum value. Suitable for general active subwoofer crossover filters.
Improved user interface.
4.07 FRD file format changed to allow for both "space" and "tab" between data entries.
4.08 FRD file reader improved for better compatibility with format variations.

Related Programs

If you would like to check your baffle diffraction, produce FRD files from a graphic frequency response or calculate a Linkwitz Transform circuit have a look at Paul Verdone's site with links to it all. This is a real good collection of free programs created by the FRD Consortium.

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